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Biomechanics of Deliverance

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The 3 day seminar recording will demystify what is occurring in the higher realms and in the physical world when deliverance takes place. No longer will it be something to laugh at or say is just a show. You will learn how to map the action of deliverance from the 3 dimensional thought-form and choice point through the generational trauma, DNA and into the Spirit. 


Deliverance: to release from captivity, restraint or oppression.

Biomechanics: the study of the movement of a living organism


Many Christians are led to believe deliverance is something people pretend to do for show or judge people for talking about equating it to witchcraft. THE TRUTH is that deliverance is, was and remains a critical part of your walk with God. 


We know that to walk in the Spirit is to be led by God. The pattern of this world has unlimited access in most of humanity to trick, deceive, delay or destroy even the most God-fearing believer. Deliverance from our carnal pattern holds the key to our faithful walk with God - in POWER, in AUTHORITY - knowing WHO AND WHAT WE ARE WITHOUT QUESTION.


When someone delivers you IN THE NAME OF JESUS - you will now SEE exactly what is taking place from the 3rd dimension through the 7th. It is suggested to be prepared to fast & pray prior to beginning the series. Wear comfortable clothing, bring your bible, notebook & pen ready to take notes. Show up ready to receive and leave  A NEW CREATION.  


Be Prepared to:

  • Discuss the importance of bloodlines and DNA
  • Learn about the Nephilim and their progeny
  • Map multidimensional processes of mental illness, spiritual warfare and generational curses
  • Understand deliverance and self-deliverance architecturally
  • Break generational curses and bloodline covenants

This Video Series Includes:

From Dust [ runtime: 3 hours 32 minutes ]

Sins of the Father [ runtime: 3 hours 9 minutes ]

Biomechanics of Deliverance [ 60 minutes ]

Dimensional Pathways 1 [ 1 hour 28 minutes ]

Dimensional Pathways 2 [ 2 hours 36 minutes ]

Transgression [ 1 hour 50 minutes ]


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